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Ezenwa Attorneys has been the trusted adviser
of multinational and local companies


Ezenwa Attorneys incorporated has the ability to execute projects in a cost-effective manner that ensures optimal results for clients within the shortest possible time, inter alia, owing to the following considerations:

Resources assigned to projects represent all areas of expertise required to execute a project.

The expertise of Ezenwa Attorneys Inc professionals is focused and all levels of skill are represented, allowing the allocation of resources according to the level of skill required. It will therefore be unnecessary to involve expensive resources in the performance of simple but necessary tasks.

Ezenwa Attorneys utilizes advanced computer and communications technology and well-qualified and highly trained secretarial- and administrative personnel support for all its professionals.

Ezenwa Attorneys has long-standing and well-established relationships with government support services, such as the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, Registrar of Deeds, local authorities and Master’s Office. This ensures minimum delays and maximum time efficiency, which is essential in the execution of projects.


Ezenwa Attorney’s fee structure is in line with current guidelines issued by the Legal Practice Council, however fee tariff structure can be negotiated with each client to suit their needs. Other factors may influence the exact fee, such as the importance, urgency and intricacy of the work. These are factors taken into account in determining the exact fee structure or hourly tariffs.

On commercial matters, agreement can be reached on a varied fee structure, depending on the successful outcome of a transaction or otherwise.

Scale of tariffs

  • Wherever prescribed or officially recommended tariffs exist for services, we will charge in accordance with those tariffs. For non-litigious matters or matters where no applicable tariff exists, our charges will be based on the current guidelines as issued by the LPC
  • Where appropriate we are able to entrust, under supervision, selected work to assistants at a billing rate substantially less than that applicable for the senior practitioners. In this regard, each individual matter will have to be considered individually with proper regard to its complexity, the amount in dispute, the benefit to client, the importance of the matter and so forth.
  • Generally speaking we would recommend that the scale of charges which will apply should be discussed in each individual matter and we would recommend that this be done in advance so as to avoid any possible misunderstanding.
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