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We also utilise mediation to resolve
and manage conflicts

We believe that disputes can easily be resolved through mediation. It is a useful process that could avoid lengthy delays and substantial legal costs, as well as the often-irreparable harm that litigation can cause to the relationship between the people involved.

We assist our clients using mediation as a tool to attempt resolving any dispute – in divorces or custody matters, disputes in the workplace, commercial disputes and even disputes between members of churches, sports clubs and other voluntary organisations. If mediation is unsuccessful, our clients may then pursue or defend their cases in court.

We also utilise mediation to resolve and manage conflicts where there is not necessarily a dispute or a disagreement about rights and obligations involved.

It is our policy to adopt mediation first in matters relating to relationship or interaction between people such as neighbours, colleagues, employers and employees, supervisors and subordinates, spouses, parents and children, joint owners of property, members of sports and social clubs, church members – wherever there is interaction between humans, there is potential for conflict.

We believe that if conflict in these relationships is not managed and resolved, it can result in an irretrievable breakdown in the relationships – often with a ripple effect that affects several others. Mediation can resolve such conflicts and restore peace and harmony in relationships.
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